The importance of real-time communications in the Internet of Things

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The ability to communicate faster; this is one of the intrinsic benefits and drivers for the Internet, and so it is for the Internet of Things.

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Where the Internet has enabled people and information systems to communicate more rapidly across greater distances than ever before, the Internet of Things now both accelerates and expands this by extending communications across objects and our physical environments via sensors.  

In effect, any device can now be enabled for real-time communications—voice, video, internal or external media input, and data sharing; either leveraging phone networks or through VoIP, directly peer to peer. ‘What HTML did to content, Web Real-Time Communications (i.e. WebRTC) will to do telephony,’ as one telephony service provider summarizes. In particular, the union of IoT with WebRTC liberates us from the physical bounds of a laptop-only world, and the rigidity of telecom networks and plug-ins respectively.

The importance of real-time communication to the Internet of Things will be the focal point of a panel I’ll be moderating at the Internet of Things Evolution EXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday, August 18. I’ll be joined by a fantastic panel including:

Together we’ll explore the role of WebRTC in the Internet of Things and the possibilities for more rapid information, decision-making, and communications as the world becomes ever more digitalized. Some of the questions we’ll explore…

  • When it comes to where to invest, which use cases should the industry prioritize for WebRTC? How is this unique in connected homes and buildings?
  • What are the most compelling device-types for interactive communications experiences? What are the most important UX/UI considerations for WebRTC and connected devices?
  • What are the best practices to safeguard this data? How can we translate privacy and security principles to the development of WebRTC in connected devices?

Join us for this conversation at the IoTEXPO in Las Vegas. You can even get 20% your registration by using the discount code ALTI here. In the meantime, I welcome your questions, either for me or for the other panelists. Feel free to get in touch:

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