My approach to speaking is accessible, research-based, and focused, inevitably with a dash of fun. Whether you’re looking to inspire, educate, or challenge your audience, I can help. Conferences, private events, keynotes, webinars, panels, or moderation, let’s talk! For more information, contact me directly.

Following is a list of events I am speaking at or attending.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Recent Videos of Speeches:

Recent Webinars & Podcasts:

Here are some of the common topics I speak about… 

  • From Data Connections to Human Connections: Empowering Customer Relationships in the Internet of Things
  • Five Ways Consumer-facing Brands Can Use Sensors to Create Better Customer Experiences
  • Consumer Perceptions of Privacy in the Internet of Things
  • How to Rethink Privacy in a Connected World
  • How to Avoid Creep: The Imperative for Transparency & Trust in the Internet of Things
  • Explicit vs. Invisible IoT: You’re Already Using IoT and You Don’t Even Know it!
  • The Role of Mobile in the Internet of Things
  • Wearables in the Workplace: The Business Case for Enterprise Wearable Adoption
  • Fashion, Tech, Culture: Convergence & Tensions
  • Connecting Touchpoints: How Companies Can Apply the Internet of Things Across the Entire Customer Journey
  • Empathy, not Technology First: Architecting Customer Experiences in a Connected World
  • Connecting the Dots: 4 Steps to Architect Consumer-facing IoT Experiences

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